Information on all types of vehicles in one search: cars, trucks, trailers, motorcycles and more!

Even if you intend to buy a small car for young people, a transport truck or a nimble scooter – it is important to check the vehicle's history in Israel before buying!

Easily search for up-to-date and reliable information on any Israeli vehicle that interests you by vehicle number

The search engine performs a search for you by license number in government databases and scans over eight million vehicles in Israel.

  • Produce a comprehensive and up-to-date information check report on the car before buying free of charge!
  • Includes information on the type and number of previous owners such as: private / leasing and more.
  • The CheckCar system includes information on over 8 million vehicles in Israel.
  • There is no limit to the number of searches or the use of the system, everything is completely free.


What types of vehicles can be searched in the database?

Check Car website locates for you information on cars, trucks, motorcycles, scooters, trailers, vintage vehicles and in fact any vehicle that drives on Israeli roads.

The system searches by license number in a number of information sources containing over 4 million active vehicles in Israel.

At the end of the search, you will receive a list of vehicles that matches the information you were looking for.

Is the use of the site free of charge?

The use of the CheckCar car search engine is free of charge and does not cost money.

The system provides website visitors with a free service for locating information about vehicles and does not limit the number of searches or the generation of vehicle inspection reports.

Unlike other sites that charge a fee for a vehicle information inspection report, the Check Car website provides the service completely free!.

There is no need to provide credit, any identifying information, everything is free.

In addition, on the website you will find a vehicle search by chassis number and also a motorcycle search by Israeli VIN

Is the information and data current?

The source of the data and information about the vehicles is from the government databases, each search on the website retrieves the latest information about the vehicles in the databases of the Ministry of Transportation and other databases that are updated online.

The information obtained in the production of the report is the most recent available on the vehicles you searched for and reflects the data exactly as it is stored in the israel government database.

Why is it important to check information about a car before buying?

Checking data and information about a car before buying is a very important action for the buyer.

It can save him a lot of heartache and a serious headache if the vehicle he intends to purchase is not in good condition or has a questionable history.

Before agreeing with the seller at one of the vehicle inspection centers before buying, it is recommended to check current and relevant data on the vehicle in the Check Car search engine.

This short action in itself can save you car time and unnecessary money at a test center that will probably discover the failures.

Can I send the report for printing or as a link?

At the end of the vehicle information check results page, on the left side of the page, a variety of sharing buttons are displayed that allow you to perform several actions:

  1. Send the report using the apps WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger.
  2. Send the report by email or directly via Gmail
  3. Print the report by clicking.
  4. Copy the URL of the page.
  5. Save the report as a PDF file on your mobile device or computer.